About Us

Size Sexy T-Shirt Boutique was founded to encourage, empower, and uplift women of all sizes, to embrace their curves with confidence while being classy.  As an adult,  De Angela would often hear women refer to themselves as too fat or too skinny, and would correct them by saying "your Size Sexy". During that moment of positive affirmation, women were informed that  being Size Sexy is not determined by the size clothing you wear, but how you wear your size. Women began to use the phrase "Size Sexy " with pride  when referring to themselves, and sharing the phrase with other women when they heard them criticize themselves . Being raised to first think, speak, and act  positively, De Angela decided to take it a step further, by designing her favorite item of clothing, a t-shirt, to model this behavior.  
Size Sexy T-Shirt Boutique is determined to change the way beauty is perceived!